Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Review

Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and AndroidThe Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android makes it possible for you to access the features of your phone without having to dig it out of your pocket. This watch connects to your phone and allows you to get the information you need with just a glance.

You can personalize the phone to give you the notifications you want and allow you to get information quickly when you're on the go. When you need to keep track of important calls and texts, but you don't want to be distracted by your phone, this smart watch will allow you to do it.

Once you see a call notification on your watch that you want to take, you'll be able to accept it from your watch and then grab your phone to actually talk. If you have a habit of missing calls because you didn't hear them, you can set your watch to vibrate so that you never miss one again.

You can also download apps that work specifically on your watch. For example, you can add a fitness app if you're running, cycling, or even walking. You can also download apps for golf, games, and even watch faces that make it easier for you to tell the time in the style you prefer.

This smart watch comes in black, red, and white units with black wristbands. You can also purchase colored wristbands separately if you prefer something other than black.

You can totally customize this watch to meet your style needs. Customers love the e-Paper display. It's easy to read this display - even if you're in bright outdoor light.

It looks just as if you were looking at paper rather than a backlit display. If you love music, then you'll love that you can also use the smart watch to control the music you're playing on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and other music apps.

This makes it really easy to change songs, change the volume, and get the most of your music. The battery life for this smart watch is about 8 days, allowing you to wear it for over a week before having to recharge.

Recharging is simple with the included USB cord. You can set it to charge before going to bed and it will be ready to go again in the morning. If you want to have more versatility with your phone and get better access to notifications and information, the Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android is the perfect tool to add to your lifestyle.

About the Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Guide

Currently, the market has been flooded with lots of smart watches. This is making it so hard for customers to make a sound decision when it comes to buying a smart watch. If you are among the customers that are wondering what are some of the excellent smart watches that are available in the market right now, then this article will help you know just that. Through this read, I will take you through the Pebble Steel Smart watch Black Matte. A product of the Black Matte brand. I will take you through all the specifications of this watch, its pros, cons and other features and by the end of this article, you will be able to know why exactly the Pebble Steel Smart Watch is what you need.

There are a lot of advantages associated with this particular smart watch. One of them is the fact that it helps to bring your phone closer to you. By this, I mean that it will be able to show you all the vital notifications that are going on in your handset. You will no longer have to take out your phone in order to see what the buzz you just heard was all about. Messages, emails, phone calls and all other notifications will be captured, and you will be notified directly by the watch on your wrist!

The Pebble Steel Smart Watch is also water resistant to up to 5atm. This means that you can work around with your watch without having to worry about the surrounding environment. You can even take a shower with you smart watch on. The rain will no longer make you take off your smart watch when walking out. You can go take a swim with the watch on your wrist with the phone put away in a dry place and still receive the notifications. If you are a fishing or a boating individual, then this watch will help you enjoy your work properly while still keeping you up to date with the activities going on in your mobile phone.
Pebble steel Smart Watch has also been made in a way that is user-friendly and easy to operate. It is not sophisticated hence it does not require the special kind of training in order to be able to operate it. Anyone can easily be able to operate its functions comfortably. It will give you notifications to show you that the battery is low, and once you connect it to a USB charger. It will notify you that it’s charging. When full it will also notify you. The down and up to buttons will also help to you to scroll down the menu and access all the apps in there.

Another good thing about the Pebble Steel Smart watch is the fact that it is compatible with both android and iOS smart phones. This means that it is not limited to any one particular of the operating system. The smart phones market is majorly filled with iOS and android devices and therefore, majority of you will be able to use this smart watch properly with your device.
The leather and designing of the Pebble Steel Watch also make it very comfortable and at the same type attractive to its user. It will not make your wrist itch or make you feel uncomfortable. It will fit perfectly on your wrist and make you comfortable like it is part of your body.

One of the little disadvantages of this smart watch is that the straps and materials making this watch are not very good for working out. If you wanted to hit the gym with this watch, then it might not make you very comfortable when doing your exercises.
The other disadvantage is that it does not have a touch screen, and the UI can may become tricky for some individuals to navigate around with.

The Pebble Steel watch comes with a lot of different apps and other functions. It helps have unlimited access to lots of applications, be able to control your music, read texts play games, see incoming calls and use it without worrying about the moisture or water around you. The battery life is also excellent. It can even go a whole week without need of recharging! Its weight and design are also very comfortable for any user.